Drake Name Missing In Carter V album and Fans are Angry On Lil Wayne

Drake Name Missing In Lil Wayne Carter V album and Fans Angry On Lil Wayne
What the hell going on with Young Money records. After Nicki Minaj back off on Drakes's scorpion the Toronto rapper as well put an end to Queen album. Is confuse and fans don't really understand the Young Money family again. While the question keep leaping why Darke name was not included in Nicki Mianj fourth album yet another one has recently happened after the arrival of the anticipating Carter C5. This is totally a blackout,where is Drake name in Carter V,why his name been scrap out and all this question should be answered by Lil Wayne,Drake even the Young Money queen.

Most of the fans on twitter has start stalking around the album and some are even making nasty and annoying comment over the disappearing of Drake in Lil Wayne new album. Special to Darke fans,he is unrivaled in the album but we did't see any collab. song together with Lil Wayne. Well, to those who are still sour up over this, i think you don't need to justify action though source told Xclusivestars that Drake and Lil Wayne has already penned a new song but it was halted for some reason meaning that it will single out later soon but not in Carter V track List ?

Source further disclosed to us that Drake is not the only one who was suspended but there's some other prestigious artists who would have join to celebrate the new album from Lil but things just flip although that is not the end of C5.

''Drake and Tunechi has a song in the studio but it was left aside and not included in the album,maybe there was just too many songs and sometimes you kinda have to put some on the chopping block,” a Young Money source said.

Three made up Young Money rec are the Top artist ever in current HipHop and they keep pushing the record name to beyond level. They all is now having a cool respective album Scorpion,Queen and The Carter V. Few years back they team up on a diss track fired on Remy Ma which is called No Frauds but since then we are yet to be electrify WITH new joint like THAT.

Well lets keep watch the new album which Drake did't join the crew. Lil Wayne trying to show what he got in the past years as Drake keep dominating chart. But is Lil Wayne seriously about this, if yes that he want to claim the chart from Darke that means it gonna be hot because we once heard that Drake is coming back to studio again after Scorpion album gave him acclaims. Tunechi album starts today to make a remark and should be noted although the album is just fresh.

As we hope to see the Clash of the Titans between Darke and Lil Wayne on chart, below is exactly what Darke fans are saying about Lil Wayne New Carter.


 Lil Wayne Talk About Drake Missing and Nothing ON The Carter V

By now we hope you have ready the above post about Drake disappearance on Carter V album. You should also know that Drake,Lil Wayne an Nicki Minaj are the Top leading artist on that record label Young Money but currently it seem there has been a serious havoc which we don't really understand. In fact it has been a sour to Drake fans, seeing where they continue to leap out query why Drake is not on Carter V album

Lil Wayne recently talk about that explain why Drake is not on his anticipating album which finally debut on September 27. While Lil Wayne continue to enjoy his Alexa G.O.A.T, he has disclose about the vanishing Drake on C5 with Elliott Wilson’s CRWN on Tidal . At first Lil Wayne called it a clearance issue which he don't further elaborate the reason.

“He has a song that didn’t get cleared,” Liltunechi added and he them processed in a synopsis . “The clearances man. People be trippin’ when they find out who it is and when they find out what the song’s subject is about. They don’t represent the names of something like that.” Not everybody can easily understand this but Lil Wayne has categorically stated the main reason why Drake is not ON HIS CARTER V new album.

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